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Plastic Free Resources

Shops in Bristol

Better Food - loose fruit & veg, plastic-free toiletries, loose tea

Wild Oats - refills, plastic-free toiletries

Scoop Away - loose foods

Gatcombe Farm Shop - loose fruit & veg, butchers, local produce

Zero Green - packaging-free food and plastic-free toiletries

Online Retailers

&Keep - all sorts of plastic-free products for you and your home

In Green's - reusable products and homeware

Plastic Freedom - selections of plastic-free products

Anything But Plastic - as its name suggests!

Rebel Kate - menstrual products; is relatively cheap, but delivery takes 2-3 weeks

Cheeky Wipes - baby wipes, reusable nappies, reusable sanitary towels

Babi Pur - organic and ethical shopping for children and babies

Georganics - oral care

Zao - makeup

Chilly's - refillable water bottles

Keep Cup - refillable coffee cups

Guppy Friend - bag to prevent microfibres getting into the water during laundry

Lush - packaging-free toiletries

Wild Sage - natural, plastic-free toiletries

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